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1 ) Miniature Schipperke by Dora Webb RMS (English, 1888-1975)
Miniature painting on ivory, by Dora Webb RMS (1888-1975) signed and dated "Dora Webb 1906". English, 1906.

Minatures | Schipperke | Artist: Dora Webb RMS | Yr: 1906 |

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2 ) "Basset Hound" "Left behind" by Gertrude Massey (English, 1868-1957)
Miniature on ivory of a "Basset Hound", titled on the reverse "Left behind", signed "Gertrude Massey" (English, 1868-1957). Set within original gilt-metal frame with pierced ribbon crest. The reverse bears label “The New Gallery Summer Exhibition 1906” and completed in ink in the artist’s hand “H H Princess Toussoun’s Basset Hound “Count” Mrs Gertrude Massey 11 Melina Place Grove End Rd. N.W. Is believed to be Princess Fatma Toussoun, nee' Ismail, (1851-1920) sister of Khedive Tewfik, Sultan Hussein & King Fouad I, a dog fancier particularly in the Pekingese breed. The dog interestingly titled “Basset Hound” is clearly a variant of a Basset Griffon. Signed bottom right “Gertrude Massey” English, circa 1906, provenance by family descent.

Minatures | Schipperke | Artist: Gertrude Massey | Yr: 1906 |

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3 ) “The Black Watch” , the Schipperke Ch. Fandango photogravure by Maud Earl (English, 1864-1943)
“The Black Watch” , the Schipperke Ch. Fandango standing on a barge photogravure by Maud Earl (English, 1864-1943). Signed in pencil in the margin “Maud Earl” and titled in pencil the margin “The Black Watch”. Ch. Fandango won nine CCs with four off one judge, two off two judges and one off another.

Paintings | Schipperke | Artist: Maud Earl | Yr: 1903 |


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