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1) Antiques & Art at the Armory 2012

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2) "Sealyham Puppy" another Cecila Aldin miniature on display

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3) 8th Annual Palm Beach Jewellery, Art and Antique Show, West Palm Beach Febuary 18th-22nd 2011

Click to see full size: Antique Explorer Issue 152 February 2014

4) Antique Explorer February 2014- "Totally Bona Fido" by Margaret Gaskin - Antiques/Collectables/Interiors Your National Guide to the Best UK Antiques Fairs

Click to see full size: Antiques and Fine Art Spring 2006 Cover

5) Antiques & Fine Art - Spring 2006 - Highlights of the Palm Beach Jewellery & Antique Show 2006 by Wendy Moonan.

Click to see full size: Country Life 2000-01 Front Cover

6) Country Life - July 2002 - "Hounds of Love" - Jennifer Guerrini-Maraldi

Click to see full size: Enamel Jewellery by william essex w.b ford and james bailey

7) Enamel Jewellery by William Essex, W.B Ford and and James W Bailey

Click to see full size: 1st Dibs Hamshere Gallery Banner

8) Hamshere Gallery joins 1st Dibs - Find us by searching Hamshere Gallery at www.1stdibs.com.

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9) Interview with MonteBubbles.com - Hamshere Gallery with International Canine Pedigree Discovered at The LA Antique Show in April 2006. Written by Joyce Chow and William Hoehne.

Click to see full size: Japanese Magazine 2004 Cover

10) Japanese Jewellery & Minatures Magazine - 2004 - Highlights from the London Olympia show 2004.



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