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1) Marion Harvey - Marion Rodger Hamilton Harvey, was born in Ayr in Scotland in 1886 She specialised in animal paintings, including those of dogs and horses, in which she was able to capture the animal?s natural form. Reflecting in work of great charm, and true likeness of the pure breed, of prize and pet dogs, in her preferred mediums, pastel and watercolour. She wished very much to produce an ?artistic picture?, and ?good likenes?, and not simply a ?portrait only?. She also occasionally worked in oil. For most of her painting life she lived in at various addresses in Glasgow, 2 Bute Mansions, 3 Florentine Terrace, 79 West Regent Street, and 17, South Park Avenue, 49 Kersland Road. Her close friends were Jesse King, E.A. Taylor, and E. A Hornel, part of the ?Glasgow Girls? formed a small group became known as the 'Close Coterie'. Much respected within her group Harvey was commissioned by King to paint her own dogs. She exhibited extensively, and this included, the Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts, ninety six works, the Royal Scottish Academy six, the Society of Women Artists twice, the Royal Society of Painters in Watercolour once, the AAS twice, and the Walker Art Gallery, in Liverpool, nineteen. She also held exhibitions at Connell & Sons Gallery and at the McClures Gallery, Glasgow, 130 Wellington Street, usually in March, and at the Scottish Kennel Club Show. She left a legacy of work, including a pair of red Dachshunds, Kennel Club collection, and is represented in the Glasgow Art Gallery. - Other | Other/Unknown


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