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Frobisher, Marguerite - England (1915 - 1937)


Frobisher was an animal and equestrian artist. She studied under Lucy Kemp Welch, and has been described as working in a similar style, with good technique and a mastery of anatomy. She is however perhaps much more impressionistic, painted with a sense of humour She is first recorded as living in Headingly, Leeds in 1916 Like many of her contemporaries she exhibited profusely including 52 works at the Royal Society of Artists in Birmingham, 11 at Dudley Gallery, 13 at the Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts, once at the International Society, 10 at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, twice at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, once at the Royal Academy, 36 times at the Royal Cambrian Academy, 12 at Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours, 9 at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, 8 at the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour, and 3 at the Society of Women Artists. In 1954 Cooling Galleries (London), exhibited some of her paintings. By 1921 she had moved to the house at Bushy known as Kingsly. Here she lived with Lucy Kemp Welch. On her mentor?s retirement in 1926, she inherited title as head School of Painting at Bushy Heath. This famous school became known as the Frobisher School of Art In 1937, she was elected R.Cam.A. On the death of Lucy Kemp Welch, in 1958 she inherited Kingsly and the Welch estate. She remained head of the school until her death in the mid 1970?s.



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