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Langley, Nina Scott - Other/Unknown



Nina Scott-Langley was principally an animal painter and illustrator, but very talented, designed and wrote.

She is perhaps best known in the canine world by her many illustration for the standard work on dogs, ?Hutchinsons Book Of The Dog?

In 1928 she had a show at the prestigious Walker Gallery in London.

Scott-Langley also designed some landmark posters for the London Underground Group.

As well as illustrating many books for others her own books included ?Youth At the Zoo? (Country Life, 1930), ?Darwin was Right? (London, Collins,1938), \"Rockie the Penguin?, (Ward Lock & Co., London, 1948) and ?Your Favourite Dog? (The Brockhampton Press 1950)

Some of her dedicated and famous canine works included ?Dogs from all Angles? illustrated and described by Nina Scott-Langley and Kenneth Robert Gordon Browne, and ?The Complete Dog\'s Dudgeon, a Startling Revelation of the Dog\'s Point of View respectively? in collaboration with Eric Keown, (Hutchinson, London, 1941). She worked in collaboration with several others.

Today her poster work can be seen in the London Underground Museum.


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