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Cáceda, Romano Espinoza - Other/Unknown (1898 - 1957)




Romano Espinoza Cáceda was born in San Mateo de Huarochiri-Lima. He studied at the School of Arts and Crafts with Carlo Libero Valente, 1915; at the ENBA and at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

He was awarded the Grand Prize at the Paris Exposition in 1937, where he regularly exhibited.

He also exhibited at the Hebrard Gallery in Paris in 1930, the press took notice of a magnificent Manco Cápac.

In 1925 he appeared at the Waldorf Astoria Independents exhibition, where he presented two works: a marble portrait and a Manco Cápac in bronze; That same year he worked on a Greek bas-relief for the film Monsieur Beaucaire and a bust of the God Pan for the film Sivan.

In the USA he presented an exhibition entitled Incasic. In 1937 he participated in the 1st Hall of the Independents of Lima in the Palace of the Exhibition of the Municipality of Lima, where he presented six sculptures, highlighting: Faun and Nymph, Llamas and Tapadas.

In 1940, he exhibited at the opening of the Gallery of the Society of Fine Arts of Peru, present on its fifth anniversary in 1945 as Vice-president of the same Individual exhibition with 32 pieces, including sculptures and sketches, in the halls of the Society of Fine Arts of Peru, Lima, He obtained the Baltazár Gavilán National Prize for the Promotion of Culture, 1949, with the sculpture, El Amauta. The sculpture, Manco Cápac, in black granite, owned by the Government Palace and the sketch and the facade of the Peruvian Pavilion of the New York World's Fair, are also by his hand. Three works by the artist can be seen in the BCR of Peru. and in the Presbítero Maestro Cemetery, a funeral monument to Luis Sánchez Cerro.

He was recognized in the ICPNA exhibition of 2001, “The Independents, distances and antagonisms of the Peruvian art, from the years Work of the artist at the MOMA”.


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