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Rough Collies of Distinction


by Iris Combe, Dareen Bridge and Pat Hutchinson.


This 163-page hard-backed book (26x24cms) is presented as a unique pictorial tribute to those British Rough Collies, their breeders and owners who have exerted influence over the
breed\'s global development.

Published by the authors in May 2001 Rough Collies of Distinction contains double-page spreads of over sixty dogs and bitches together with four-generation pedigrees and principal \'blood line\' charts.

Miss Margaret Osborne (Shiel Collies) originally traced the sire \'lines\' and female \'families\' of every post-war Challenge Certificate winning Rough Collie, publishing the results in the
Collie Association\'s Handbook of 1952. Fifty years later Dareen Bridge (co-author) has adopted the same technique to highlight principal male and female producers.


www.roughcolliesofdistinction.com - Official Website for Book. Additional info, reviews and purchase information.


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