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19th century Silver and gold stag hunting bracelet by Neville (Paris)

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19th century Silver and gold stag hunting bracelet by Neville (Paris)

A silver and gold bracelet with links in the form of horseman and running hounds chasing stag. Probably from a group of stag and boar hunting watch chains dating from around 1845, it is by Neville for Maison Morel et Duponchel The designs are also recorded and photographed in Henri Vever famous book 'La Bijouterie Francaise au XIX "e" Siecle'. Also in Dora Jane Janson's 'From Slave to Siren: The Victorian Woman and Her Jewellery from Neoclassic to Art Nouveau'she states Neville inspiration to be from a silver hunting ring from about 1570 from the W Clemens Collection now in the Historisches Museum der Stadt Koln. An example of a stag hunting watch chain and fob by Neville can Hull Grundy Collection at the British Museum.

This is a SOLD item and has been left in the Public Domain for research purposes. Images are available for public use with an acknowledgement to www.hamsheregallery.com



Medium Group: Jewellery

Year: Unknown


Breed: Sporting

Artist: Unknown, Other






Dimensions: None


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