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Rare English ‘Crystallo-Ceramie’ / ‘sulphide’ cameo four-in-hand coaching / carriage goldbrooch

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Rare English ‘Crystallo-Ceramie’ / ‘sulphide’ cameo four-in-hand coaching / carriage goldbrooch

A rare English ‘Crystallo-Ceramie’ / ‘sulphide’ cameo four-in-hand coaching / carriage gold set brooch. ‘Crystallo-Ceramie’ / ‘sulphide’ jewellery was patented in 1831 by the glassmaker Apsley Pellatt. Such jewellery was very fashionable in the 1830’s and 1840’s. English circa 1840.


'Crystallo-Ceramic' jewellery was set with small-scale sulphides and very popular in the 1830’s and 1840’s.

It was a process invented by the glassmaker Apsley Pellatt (1791-1863) and probably an invention inspires or at least as a substitute for the fashionable and expensive cameos bought back by the aristocracy on their Italian Tours.

Apsley Pellatt patented the process in 1819 under the name crystallo ceramie. He began to issue his ware from the Falcon Glasshouse in Southwark. His cast bas-relief decorations—which usually were profile portraits of royalty and celebrities or coats-of-arms—were made of a fine white china clay supersilicate of potash that would not fracture in contact with molten glass. The objects, which have a silvery white appearance, are embedded in exceptionally clear flint glass. Refraction and illumination from behind could often be enhanced by crosscutting and faceting, and outer curves magnify the image.

As well jewellery ‘crystallo ceramie’ was made in forms such as paperweights, decanters, stoppers, scent bottles, pendants, and various ornamental tableware items.

Pellatt’s work is sometimes referred to as incrusted glass, or incrusted cameos; crystal cameos; or sulphides.

The term sulphides, is also associated with such cameo paperweights as those issued by John Ford & Co., of Edinburgh, about 1875
The famous French glass maker Baccarat employed the same technique in the latter half of the 19th century.

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Medium Group: Jewellery

Year: 1840


Breed: Coaching

Artist: Pellatt, Apsley






Dimensions: None


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