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An oil of “Pytchley D'Orsay “ a Smooth-Fox Terrier by Edward Aistrop (English, mid-late 19th century).

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An oil of “Pytchley D'Orsay “ a Smooth-Fox Terrier by Edward Aistrop (English, mid-late 19th century).

An oil on board’ of a head study of “Pytchley D'Orsay “ a Smooth-Fox Terrier bred by the famous Totteridge Kennel of Mr Francis Redmond and painted by Edward Aistrop (English, mid-late 19th century). Signed bottom left “E Aistrop”. English, circa 1890.

To quote from the “The Smooth Fox Terrier - A Complete Anthology of the Dog”:

"No history of the Fox-terrier could be complete without mention of Mr. Francis Redmond and his kennel, going back, as it does, to the Murchison and Luke Turner period, and being still to-day the most prominent one in existence. We can date his earlier efforts from his purchase of Deacon Nettle, the dam of Deacon Ruby; Dusty was the dam of Ch. Diamond Dust; Dickon he had from Luke Turner, and in this dog we have one of the foundation-stones of the Fox-terrier stud-book, as he was the sire of Splinter, who in his turn was the sire of Vesuvian.

Mr. Redmond’s next great winners were D’Orsay and Dominic, two sterling good terriers, the former of which was the sire of Dame D’Orsay, who, bred to Despoiler, produced Dame Fortune, the mother of Donna Fortuna, whose other parent was Dominic. Donna Fortuna, considered universally the best specimen of a Fox-terrier ever produced, had from the first a brilliant career, for though fearlessly shown on all occasions she never knew defeat. Some took exception to her want of what is called terrier character, and others would have liked her a shade smaller; but we have still to see the Fox-terrier, taken all round, that could beat her."

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Medium Group: Paintings

Year: 1890


Breed: Smooth Haired Fox Terrier

Artist: Aistrop, Edward






Dimensions: 5½ x 6 inches


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