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'Drumpellier' Pug “Sambo” oil by Gourlay Steell RSA (Scottish, 1819 -1894)

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'Drumpellier' Pug “Sambo” oil by Gourlay Steell RSA (Scottish, 1819 -1894)

““Sambo” a celbrated Pug” from Mrs Carrick-Buchannan Drumpellier Kennels standing within an interior.

It is also one of the dogs of the great Pug fancier and breeder Mrs Carrick-Buchannan of Drumpellier in Lanarkshire, being “ “Sambo” a celebrated Pug”, which was the Gourlay Steell’s 1867 exhibit at the Royal Scottish Academy.

Mrs Carrick-Buchannan commissioned several paintings from Gourlay Steell including another Pug painting “The Celebrated Drumpellier” painted in the same year 1867 which was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1873. Well documented in “the Pug Heritage and Art” by Nick Waters.

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Medium Group: Paintings

Year: Unknown


Breed: Other

Artist: Steell, Gourlay






Dimensions: None


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