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Oil on canvas of "Lilly Rightaway" by Maud Earl (English, 1864-1943)

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Oil on canvas of "Lilly Rightaway" by Maud Earl (English, 1864-1943)

An image of Princess de Montglyon and Countess d'Argenteau famous " Lilly Rightaway " recumbent on a drape covered sofa. The painting was famously reproduced (page 438) in Compte Henri de Bylandt (H.A. graff van Bylandt). From the Kennel Gazette: “Other well-known inmates of Her Highness's kennels are Old Hall Shamrock, Lily Rightaway, Champion Barwell Masterpiece, Lady Clinker, and Ormskirk Iodone, all Rough-coated Collies; and Jock, and Worry of Argenteau, Fox-terriers. The kennels at Chateau d'Argenteaux, in Belgium, are well appointed, and every care and attention is given to the comfort and well-being of the animals, under the personal supervision of the Princess, who takes great interest in her pets. Her Highness was born Princess de Montglyon and Countess d'Argenteau, and is the wife of the Due d'Avaray. I am sure even these few words will be interesting to my readers about one holding an envied position amongst Doggy People, with whom she is deservedly popular. Besides the portrait of Her Highness, I am able to give pictures of some of the celebrated Collies in Her Highness's kennel.” English, circa 1895.

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Medium Group: Paintings

Year: 1895


Breed: Collie

Artist: Earl, Maud






Dimensions: 21½ x 24 ½ inches


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