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Borzoi "Zagor Althea” by Morgan Dennis (American, 1892-1960)

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Borzoi "Zagor Althea” by Morgan Dennis (American, 1892-1960)

A dry-point etching on paper of a head study of the Borzoi "Zagor Althea”, by Morgan Dennis (American, 1892 - 1960). Titled "Zagor Althea”, dated “1930”, and signed and numbered in the margin "Morgan Dennis 93/100". The revers bears original label “ "Zagor Althea” Original Etching By Morgan Dennis”. American, 1930.

Was a white and brindle Borzoi, born 12 May 1926, to Ivor O'Valley Farm (sire) and Taskai O'Valley Farm (dam).

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Medium Group: Paintings

Year: 1930


Breed: Borzoi

Artist: Dennis, Morgan






Dimensions: 6¾ x 8¾ inches


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