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An oil of a Yorkshire Terrier attributable to George Earl (English, 1824 - 1908)

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An oil of a Yorkshire Terrier attributable to George Earl (English, 1824 - 1908)

A tondo oil on Academy Board of a head study of a Yorkshire Terrier wearing a blue ribbon attributable to George Earl (English, 1824 - 1908). Stamped to the reverse “ACADEMY BOARD FOR OIL PAINTING GEORGE ROWNEY & CO RATHBONE PLACE OXFORD ST LONDON” Together with remnants of an old label “Fine Art Department”. Further indecipherable pencil signature to the reverse and “3”. English, circa 1870.

George Earl was the father of the equally famous canine artist Maud Earl, and perhaps his greatest legacy was the painting of one hundred dogs, for the book titled, “Champion Dogs of England”, published around 1870. There had of course been previous dog encyclopaedias, but by the second half of the 19 century, the interests in the breeding of the pure bred dog, vigorously led by Queen Victoria, and supported by wealthy and landed Victorians, had seen remarkable development. This is almost certainly a Champion Yorkshire Terrier

This is a SOLD item and has been left in the Public Domain for research purposes. Images are available for public use with an acknowledgement to www.hamsheregallery.com



Medium Group: Paintings

Year: 1870


Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Artist: Earl, George






Dimensions: None


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