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"Odin" Bloodhound enamel miniature by William Essex (English, 1784-1869)

Click to see full size: Bloodhound Enamel Miniature William Essex- Bloodhound Enamel Miniature William Essex

"Odin" Bloodhound enamel miniature by William Essex (English, 1784-1869)

From Sir Edwin Landseer's 1836 painting titled "Odin". Enamel miniature of "Odin" by William Essex (1784-1869) English. Signed and dated "W. Essex 1861 "The Royal Collection" today holds a substantial number of enamels by William Essex.

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Medium Group: Enamels

Year: 1861


Breed: Bloodhound

Artist: Essex, William






Dimensions: None


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