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"Basset Hound" "Left behind" by Gertrude Massey (English, 1868-1957)

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"Basset Hound" "Left behind" by Gertrude Massey (English, 1868-1957)

Miniature on ivory of a "Basset Hound", titled on the reverse "Left behind", signed "Gertrude Massey" (English, 1868-1957). Set within original gilt-metal frame with pierced ribbon crest. The reverse bears label “The New Gallery Summer Exhibition 1906” and completed in ink in the artist’s hand “H H Princess Toussoun’s Basset Hound “Count” Mrs Gertrude Massey 11 Melina Place Grove End Rd. N.W. Is believed to be Princess Fatma Toussoun, nee' Ismail, (1851-1920) sister of Khedive Tewfik, Sultan Hussein & King Fouad I, a dog fancier particularly in the Pekingese breed. The dog interestingly titled “Basset Hound” is clearly a variant of a Basset Griffon. Signed bottom right “Gertrude Massey” English, circa 1906, provenance by family descent.


Medium Group: Minatures

Year: 1906


Breed: Schipperke

Artist: Massey, Gertrude






Dimensions: 3 1/16ins


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