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"Spoliation" by James Yates Carrington (English, 1857-1892).

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"Spoliation" by James Yates Carrington (English, 1857-1892).

Oil on canvas of 'Teufel The Terrier' known as "Spoliation", documented in 'The Life and Adventures of Of An Artist's Dog' by the artist James Yates Carrington (English, 1857-1892) and the writer Charles Morley.

On page 53 of this book, a pen and an ink version by the artist of this painting is illustrated by permission of Messrs, McLean, Haymarket, the then owners of the copywright.

Signed and dated "J.Yates Carrington - 83".

Interestingly in 1883 Carrington exhibited at the Royal Academy two other oils also illustrated in "Teufel The Terrier" titled "Agitation" and "Anticipation".


Medium Group: Paintings

Year: 1883


Breed: Jack Russell

Artist: Carrington, James Yates






Dimensions: 13 ? x 17 ? inches


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