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Thomas W Twyford Whitmore Labrador Retriever by Reuben Ward Binks (1880-1950) SOLD

Click to see full size: Thomas W Twyford Whitmore Labrador Retriever by Reuben Ward Binks- Thomas W Twyford Whitmore Labrador Retriever by Reuben Ward Binks

Thomas W Twyford Whitmore Labrador Retriever by Reuben Ward Binks (1880-1950) SOLD

Thomas W Twyford Whitmore Labrador Retrievers in watercolour with gouache of "Tulip of Whitmore" & "Typist of Whitmore". Signed and dated "Reuben Binks 1927" (1880-1950). SOLD.

Whitmore Labradors
Tulip of Whitmore and Typist of Whitmore

The Whitmore line was founded by Thomas W Twyford whose family lived successively at Shelton, Endon, Moor House Biddulph and finally at Whitmore Hall, where Thomas became a breeder of thes most famous Labrador Retrievers, a name as legendary as Countess Howe's Banchory kennels.

The kennel gained considerable success at Field Trials and on the bench, under the management of Mr J Cady.

Mr Twyford was also a leading instigator in the formation of the Labrador Retriever Club, and one of the original Committe members, on which he sat until his death.

Major Harold Twyford continued his father's kennels, though considerably reduced, still under the able management of Mr Cady, still with considerable success.

George Jenkin wrote for the The Labrador Retriever Club's 1916-1991 ?A Celebration of 75 Years? of the Whitmore Labradors:

January 24th, 1919 ..... would appear to be the first field trial meeting held by any retriever breed club. The Open Stake was won by Mr. T. W. Twyford's Tag of Whitrnore, who was to go on to win further glory that season, winning five stakes in all including the Retriever Championship: second was Rounton Sea Fret, owned by Col. Bell, which was runner up at the Championship that year. FT. Ch. Tag of Whitmore was a son of FT. Ch. Patron of Faskally; Mr. Twyford had bought Patron from Capt. Butter for ?500, a large sum in those days, and he had mated him to his bitch, Tactful of Whitrnore.
Mr. Twyford had been a strong supporter of the Labrador Retriever for many years, and Mr. Mackay Sanderson wrote of him, "after the Banchory Kennel, probably no name is writ larger on the Labrador history than the Whitmore affix, ... Both on the bench and in the trial field the Whitmore Labradors proved themselves capable of holding their own with the best. Throughout its career the Whitmore Kennel was most ably directed by Mr. John Cady, and it was largely through his efforts and unremitting care that the kennel secured and maintained its commanding position in the gundog world."
Mr. Twyford died in 1921, and the kennel was carried on by his son, Major H. Twyford, on a reduced scale. It was dispersed in 1931. During the course of its career inmates of the kennel won at least 36 field trials. It produced one Dual Ch. in Titus of Whitrnore (1919), the only Dual Ch. to win the Retriever Championship, in 1923 and 24, also six Champions, and three FT. Champions. Their subsequent influence on the breed was far reaching.
Dual Ch. Titus of Whitmore was in direct descent from Netherby Boatswain, one of the pivotal dogs of the breed (this line became well developed by Lord Knutsford by his mating of Warwick Collier to Munden Single.). Titus was used extensively at stud, and produced many famous Labradors, including Dual Ch. Flute of Flodden (1927), as well as three full Champions, Thrill of Whitmore, Throne of W. and Stanton Sheelah and two FT. Champions, Tag of Clava and L'ile Titanic.
The Whitmore kennel name was behind many of the dogs bred by Reqgie Corbet of Adderley, whose contribution to working Labradors is reviewed elsewhere, as well as the Liddly prefix of Mr. and Mrs. Saunders, (also reviewed), whose foundation dog Ch. Liddly Jonquil was sired by Ch. Tar of Hamyax (1924), a son of Toi of Whitmore. L. Jonquil in turn sired Ch. Holton Joyful and Shavington Jet, as well as Liddly Geranium, (see reviews for these kennels). Jonquil is also behind the Cookridge and Heatheredge Kennels.
FT Ch. Tag of Whitmore, the winner of that first Open Stake held by the Labrador Retriever Club, was one of the three Field Trial Champions produced by this kennel, and Tag, when put to a bitch Squib of Belvoir, produced a famous matron, Beningbrough Tansy".


Medium Group: Paintings

Year: 1927


Breed: Labrador

Artist: Binks, Reuben Ward






Dimensions: None


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