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The English Setter "Pennine Patron" by Reuben Ward Binks (1880-1950).

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The English Setter "Pennine Patron" by Reuben Ward Binks (1880-1950).

Gouache on paper of the Eggleston's English Setter "Pennine Patron" by Reuben Ward Binks (1880-1950). Signed "R Ward Binks", dated "1927" and titled "Pennine Patron" . The Eggleston's The Eggleston's, father JT and son Arthur breed some of the greatest pointers of the day. Many of today's dogs contain their bloodlines. For example ""Broomhill Dan" had a great influence on the breed in the USA after being exported to that country by Mr J.T. Eggleston. (see Edmondson & Robertshaw, 1978, The Pointer) 'Tom Speedy' was another famous pointer sold to the American, R.C. Craig, (Cotton Exchange Building, New York City), and breed by J.T. Egglestone, on 28th March 1908. Tom Speedy was one of the pillars of the English stud book from the point of view of both work and looks. When exported to America he had a great influence on the American field trial stock. He had an exceptionally good nose and plenty of bird sense, but in America they were not too impressed so impressed with him, for they, as now, worked the Pointers differently. Whelped on the same day as 'Tom Speedy' was 'Mallwyd Polly' later sold to, T.Steadman. Another famous J T Eggleston dog was 'Pedigree of Lees's Lady' a bitch born in February 1922 Perhaps Arthur Eggleston's most famous dog Cruft winning dog was 'Pennine Prima Donna', bred by "Mr. D.K. Steadman bred this dog in January 1931 by "Marlais Marksman". "Prima Donna", which making her debut ... was immediately hailed by the judge, Major Harry Gunn, as a smasher of smashers, and from then on her career was the story of one magnificent triumph after another. She won over a score of challenge certificates. Crufts was never beaten by any Pointer in Britain. And with her Mr. Arthur Eggleston won what was perhaps the greatest honour ever to come the way of a Pointer in this country, best all breeds at Cruft's in 1935. Before that she had been best all breeds at other championship shows in Blackpool, Darlington, and Leeds. Though her career in America, to which she departed after her Cruft's success, was not one of similar unchallenged supremacy, principally because at the time there appeared to be decided differences in the type preferences of American and British judging, she yet became a champion there. She died, in the late part of 1938.

This is a SOLD item and has been left in the Public Domain for research purposes. Images are available for public use with an acknowledgement to www.hamsheregallery.com



Medium Group: Paintings

Year: 1927


Breed: English Setter

Artist: Binks, Reuben Ward






Dimensions: 10 x 12 inches


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